Celebrating 45 years as a recording artist young Ed Kuepper has decided to release not 1 not 2 but 3 new retrospective releases spanning four decades and the greater bulk of Ed’s entire post-Saints musical output. 

1. Ed Kuepper – Singles ’86 ‘ ’96 (Ed’s first ever singles collection)
2. Laughing Clowns – Golden Days // When Giants Walked the Earth (best of)
3. The Aints! Live at The Bowlo (performing the album The Church of Simultaneous Existence in it’s entirety)

All three collections will be released May 28 on limited edition coloured vinyl, via the digitals and with Kuepper’s singles selection to also be released as a 2CD set featuring a bonus disc comprised of b-sides, ep tracks and fan faves – just the sort of stuff we Kuepper-philes crave of our idol.


“Violent Femmes Fans! We are all dressed up and nowhere to go. Half the band are in USA and the other half are in Australia. We can’t get together with Covid restrictions in both places. So we’re postponing our long-awaited Australia / NZ tour to February 2022. We hope the obstacles will be removed by then. Thanks for your patience and be assured we want to see all of you and play for you when the coast is clear. In the meantime stay safe!” – Brian Ritchie / Violent Femmes 

Current tickets remain vaild for all new shows. Contact your local ticket outlet for full details.


Why didn’t anyone think of this before!

Kuepper; the co-founder of ’70’s proto-punks The Saints, chief architect of the uncompromising Laughing Clowns and The Aints! and master songsmith over some 15+ solo albums, and White; the brilliant drummer of renowned instrumentalists Dirty Three, partner in the genre-defying Xylouris White and disciple of all things Ed. Together they will tackle 45 years worth of Kuepper catalogue with a twist that only these two game-changers could apply.

“I learnt drums playing with Aretha Franklin and the Saints on my childhood home’s furniture. The Saints’ first three record, Laughing Clowns and Ed Kuepper’s solo work have been a huge inspiration for me in my drumming life and beyond, a well of inspiration I carry with me and can dip into at will.” – Jim White

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the Ed Kuepper with Jim White shows in Bellingen and Milton (full refunds available from the point of purchase) but are working hard on new dates for the Sydney & Wollongong shows.

All other shows on sale now!


“I’m exhilarated to think that From the hallowed halls of the school dance , this garage band has broken through the time barriers to arrive in 2020 to play at perhaps Australia’s prime entertainment venue, the SOH! It is a sign that the songs have stood the test of time and are still meaningful to a generation pursuing the same dream of love, happiness and acceptance. Playing my songs live to a dancing, singing audience and feeling the joy is always the highlight and something I am looking forward to following such a harrowing year.” – Jeremy Oxley

On-sale 9.00am Dec 1st via