After a handful of false starts Sunnyboys have finally landed themselves a website enabling you easy access to them and to keep track of all their movements. Perhaps best of all is the band now have their own shop up and running and ready to serve you what you need. For now that would be any remaining t-shirts from the recent Summer Fun tour plus a literal handful off leftovers from previous tours. There are CDs and DVDs for sale as well.
Digging a little deeper into the website there is a band history; news page; archival videos, reviews and photos; a comprehensive catalogue with links to iTunes and Spotify and a history of shows played since the 2012 re-emergence as Kids In DustWork on the website is ongoing with the archives in particular to be continually refreshed but for now, here she is …


Surprise! The Aints! return to Sydney this April for a final appearance before the recording of their debut album ‘The Church Of Simultaneous Existence’ in May.

This time though Ed, Pete, Paul and Alister will be presenting an epic two-set show; the first set comprised of material conceived and / or recorded in Australia and the years 1973 – 1977 and the second set covering the material written or released by Kuepper for The Saints during 1977 – 1978 and the band’s tenure in the U.K. In effect; more Aints! and more Saints! Completing this alchemy of Herr Kuepper’s teenage blues is a name change with the band from here on in to be known as The Aints! (exclamation mark included). It all goes down Friday 27th April at the Marrickville Bowling Club with limited tickets available from Thursday March 15th via


And that’s a wrap! As Sunnyboys Summer Fun tour comes to a close. The boys send a heartfelt thanks to all 10,939 of you that bought a ticket to see them in action this time; the fastest selling and most successful tour for the band since their official coming out in 2013. And a big thank you also to Sunnyboys staff including the unflappable Tyson Royle on sound and tour managing duties; the laconic Stan Armstrong (returning to stage tech duties some 35 years after he last worked for the band), Hugh Taranto for his outstanding light show, Nurse Mary for taking care of the big guy, Cameron Moss of UltraVivid design for his wonderful tour art, Brian McDonald of RiSH Publicity for his efforts in generating media attention, the mysterious Divideboy for creating this platform and keeping everyone engaged, the great support bands, Feel Presents for keeping the whole thing together and again you, the Sunnyboys Fan Club who have embraced the band as much as you did back in 1980-1984; it means the world. See you all again another time?