Jello - 495

Returning to Australia for his first band shows since 1983, former Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jello Biafra has now added a handful of talking shows to his extended schedule

Entitled What Would Jello Do?, the talking shows follow on from Biafra’s you tube series of the same name in commenting on contemporary political issues, democracy, government conspiracy and cover ups, election fraud – the type of banter Jello is notorious for telling and for which he’s an excellent orator.

What Would Jello Do?

In addition, Jello will also perform a DJ set in Hobart and will also perform in Sydney for Vivid Ideas joining the forward thinking Ruby Speudo and artist Karen Therese in discussion on a subject entitled Build A Movement.

Vivid – Build A Movement

Jello last appeared in talking mode in Australia in 2012. He appeared to packed houses both solo and in Q&A mode for the Melbourne Festival commenting on SLAM and Occupy on a panel that also included The Church’s Steve Kilbey and moderator Dave Graney.

Meanwhile, Jello’s new music venture The Guantanamo School Of Medicine also tour Australia this May performing the Dead Kennedy’s hits of yore as well as material from all three JB&TGSM albums.

Don’t miss Jello Biafra live in Australia this May. Tickets for all shows are on-sale Wednesday 1st May.