Two of the hardest working men in show business Ed Kuepper & Jim White return for a short series of duo shows this summer.

Kuepper, having just completed a run of residency shows with his new instrumental project Asteroid Ekosystem and drummer White, taking a brief pause from international touring with Bill CallahanXylouris White and Marisa Anderson, will continue their journey of exploration via Kuepper’s extensive catalogue.

“We wanted songs that we could make unique to this performance – songs that in some cases were strongly identified with the Saints, Laughing Clowns or my solo stuff – but they needed to be taken out of their original context so that you wouldn’t really pick them as new or old. The Kid, Knife In The Head, The Year of the Bloated Goat, Everything I’ve Got Belongs To You, Honey Steels Gold and Pavane, amongst others.” – Ed Kuepper

“Extended crowd appreciation finally coaxes the two musicians back into the fray and we’re treated to a robust rendition of Kuepper’s solo track ‘Rue The Day’ to bring things home, both Kuepper and White standing by the end of the righteous and powerful performance and seemingly as engrossed in the music as the adoring, sold out throng before them.” – Steve Bell / Rhythms

Acoustic troubadour Darren Cross will join the duo opening on all six shows.