Like many good bands Chimers are a band born of isolation, not geographically though, via the pandemic.

Irish born Padraic Skehan and his life partner Binx, formed the band in their Wollongong backyard during the initial lockdown of 2020. Veterans and drummers both of the ‘Gong’s vibrant garage-scene – The Pink Fits, The Drop Offs, Evol and more – Chimers is an altogether different beast, Padraic taking a giant leap forward by removing himself from the back-seat and assuming the role of driver; singing, playing guitar and writing the songs that would eventually become their 2021 self-titled debut album.

It’s a sound and album that draws heavily on Skehan’s time as a youth in Ireland and the post-hardcore sounds of Dischord RecordsHusker Du, The Wipers and which has seen the band find friends and favour in like-minds The Mark Of CainHenry RollinsGuy Picciotto and Mudhoney. This is no mere nostalgia though, the band instead landing at the vanguard of a new generation of Sydney and surrounds bands – Body TypeSecond IdolDust, Private WivesR.M.F.C – borrowing from the past in order to create a future.

“Palpable urgency from Chimers… the playing engulfs all in its path” – Triple J

“Visceral and urgent, this combo packs a post-punk punk” –  Gimme Gimme Gimme zine.

“I ordered the Chimers LP, they’re really good!” – Henry Rollins

And although little recognised on its release Chimers is now in its fourth vinyl pressing as the band continue to find friends and influence others as the live shows keep on mounting.