In the ever-expanding universe of sonic exploration, two iconic forces are set to converge in a symphony of innovation and power. Japanese heavy rock pioneers Boris, celebrating an astounding three decades of groundbreaking sound, join forces with J-Rock legend Kiyoharu for the unmissable “Heavy Rock Breakfast” tour, a post-pandemic celebration that promises to redefine the rock experience.

Already announced for the Golden Plains Festival, Boris, known for their relentless pursuit of sonic excellence of heavy rock, returns to Australian shores in 2024. The 4-piece Boris lineup, featuring the dynamic duo Takeshi and Wata, along with the incomparable Atsuo now reclaiming his original front-man role and a support drummer Osamu, promises an electrifying showcase of their evolution and musical prowess. Adding to the anticipation, Boris will headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne, make a triumphant return to Brisbane’s ?hm festival, and mark their first appearances in Adelaide and Perth since 2015.

“Social distance was asked in a Pandemic. Passion of rock was blocked in a social life. Rock is the culture to be handed down to the world once again. The ‘Heavy Rock Breakfast’ show will be to deliver full of our passion for rock straight into the audience.”Boris

Joining Boris at the breakfast table is none other than J-Rock luminary Kiyoharu, making his inaugural voyage to Australia with a 4-piece band. Kiyoharu, a legend in his own right, has left an indelible mark on Japan’s music landscape with his unique blend of hard-rock and traditional sounds. Having achieved monumental success with Kuroyume and Sads, Kiyoharu ** is set to captivate Australian audiences with his charismatic stage presence and unparalleled musical legacy.

“In the world’s eyes, Japan’s rock history remains largely uncharted territory. It’s understandable, amidst the continuous emergence of brilliant music worldwide, there might not be a compelling need to delve into the history of a small Asian nation. However, Japanese music is now starting to exert its influence on the world to some extent. The opportunity to uncover the truth and the deeper layers of Japan’s rock history, deserving of proper recognition, is coming your way. Boris resonates its sound on the foundation of global rock, and, of course, the inheritance of Japanese rock. In this tour, we aim to integrate the history of rock worldwide, alongside the charismatic figure of Japanese rock, Kiyoharu. This tour carries such significance. From this ground, let’s grind, repaint, and update. Stay tuned.”Atsuo / Boris

Boris, often hailed as game-changers in experimental heavy rock, brings their innovative spirit to Australian shores. Their latest release, “Heavy Rocks” (August 2022, Relapse Records), showcases their ability to channel 70s proto-metal vibes into something entirely new and groundbreaking.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the collision of sonic titans Boris and Kiyoharu as they serve up a feast of heavy rock like never before.

** Not playing Golden Plains