Following the re-release of Galaxie 500’s three classic albums on Domino Records last year, former G-500 frontman and guitarist, Dean Wareham, set out on tour playing a set of all-Galaxie 500 material with a three-piece band featuring his wife Britta Phillips (Luna, Belltower) on bass and drummer Anthony Lamarca.

Wareham’s voice is as haunting and inviting as it was over 20 years ago, and his guitar work alone is worth the price of admission. One of the benefits of seeing Wareham up close is getting a look at his expressive non-expression, where the muscles in his face are relieved of duty, eyelids refusing to come down, as he loses himself in each song. All the while cranking out gorgeous solos. – Heaven is Loud August 2010

Dean Wareham was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1963 and lived in Wellington and in Sydney, Australia, before moving to New York City in 1977. Galaxie 500, formed in Boston in 1986 and recorded three studio albums — Today, On Fire and This Is Our Music — for Rough Trade. They met with much acclaim in their short time together but dissolved in 1991.

When new bands play guitar music heavy on reverb and slow in tempo- a combination that drapes tunes in a sublimely druggy dream-pop haze – I can be slow to embrace them. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of good music in this vein being made. It’s that one band, 20 years ago, did this sound so well with so much personality, theyt set a difficult standard for newcomers to meet. – Pitchfork 2010.

And now Dean Wareham and his three piece band are bringing the music of Galaxie 500 to Australia for the very first time performing shows in Sydney and Melbourne before embarking on a three show run in his native New Zealand.

They open with the understated brilliance of ‘Flowers’ and it’s hard not to smile as Dean sings, “…baby, you’re a lunatic…” Dean introduces ‘Strange’ as a song about twinkies, they play ‘Snowstorm’ and my heart melts. These songs have soundtracked many a solitary moment, such is the personal nature of these tender compositions but tonight these songs are for everyone. They play ‘Tugboat’, one of the finest songs ever written and it’s worth the entry fee alone. This is our music. – Soundlab Feb 2011

And joining Dean Wareham for the Australian shows are fellow astral-planers, Sand Pebbles, proud owners of a new album, Dark Magic – their fifth – that features guest spots from Dean Wareham and Britt Phillips as well as Death in Vegas’ TIm Holmes.

Don’t miss Dean Wareham performing the music of Galaxie 500 with special guests Sand Pebbles. Tickets for both Australian shows go on-sale Friday 26th August.

“Galaxie 500 became bona fide treasures of indie rock.” – Mojo

“Galaxie 500 purred while others shouted.” – Chris Roberts

“One of the era’s best bands” – Byron Coley