An odyssey into the ether.

He may be Only Human, but Kieran Hebden works in mysterious ways. An outsider on the inside, two decades deep. Dance music’s DIY dissident, untethered from the machine and intent on capturing those elusive sonic threads.

Last time at Golden was pure magic.

Since, the Four Tet myth has only magnified. There’s been two albums, revered collabs, zig-zagging playlists, and KH bootlegs, sending both trainspotters and ravers into meltdown.

His DJ sets have a legacy of their own, masterfully weaving the Four Tet imprint through moments of intoxicating transcendence, gummy pop explosions and bass bin mayhem. Traversing the history of British dance music and anointing the future, while pulling in everything from Bollywood funk to DC hardcore.

It’s in this mode that KH returns to Listen Out with good friend Skrillex (amongst others). On-sale May 18