Isaac Et Nora
is the project of a French-Korean family featuring Issac, 15 and Nora, 12 alongside their father Nicholas, who have become a viral phenomenon rescuing the spirit of the traditional Latin American song.

What started as a house game and an educational method taught by their parents, has now become a worldwide success with their videos organically accumulate tens of millions of plays and millions of followers in social media.

Their transition to Latin American songs was inspired by Isaac and Nora’s mom’s love of the genre. This ultimately led to their first hit song Veinte Años, which has amassed over 6.5 million views on YouTube. “I think this is a very important date in our lives because everything changed. It changed the way we play music,” Nicolas explains. Afterward, the music family went on to record their first album, Latin & Love Studies, which features songs from different countries in Latin America. Among them are Brazil’s Manha de Carnaval, Colombia’s Arroz con Coco, Cuba’s El Cuarto de Tula, and a Mexican pop song called Hasta la Raíz.

“The truth is, it’s the music, before the lyrics by the author or the meaning of the lyrics, it’s the melody, the rhythm, the ambiance that a song can create. That’s what matters to us.”Nicholas

Following the release of that album in 2021 Isaac Et Nora undertook their first ever tour taking them to sold-out crowds across all of South America.

“People are so kind and benevolent. The concert at Sala Cantoral was incredible, before we came on stage people were already screaming,” Isaac said.

“Although it could be intimidating to play for the first time in all these great Latin American theaters, the public receives us with so much love, it’s reassuring and it gives us strength,” Nora adds.

“Nora carried the audience from before the minute that she walked on stage, in her very pretty velvet knee-length dress and her hair in a ponytail looking very much a 10-year-old. She had the audience eating out of her hand before she opened her voice.” –

And now Isaac Et Nora make their Australian debut and their first concert appearances in an English-first speaking country.