Seven years on from their glorious Golden Plains debut Built to Spill return to Australia as special guests for Melbourne’s inaugural Eighty-Six Festival.

The ever evolving line-up of BTS will this time feature founding member, principal songwriter, singer and guitarist Doug Martsch plus Melanie Radford (bass) and drummer Teresa Esguerra, the same line-up as featured on the band’s new album When the Wind Forgets Your Name, their first for indie-giant Subpop.

“With When the Wind Forgets Your Name Martsch and Built to Spill have delivered a late career stunner that easily equals their best work.” – All Music

“Whether it was the Brazilian inspiration, Covid isolation, or just plain time for another solid BtS record, Martsch and company deliver.” – Glide

“One of the States’ great indie rock institutions” – Mojo

“As Martsch would perform his wizardry on any given song, Radford and Esguerra would look across the stage at one another and, in a symbol of organic musical bliss, they’d let out screams or hysterics, and Doug every so often would glance a warm expression of his own, a sign of approval for these two outstanding musicians.” – Park Lifedc

“Not many bands sound as good live as they do on their album. However, Built to spill is that rare jewel that sounds amazing in album and in concert.” – Amazon

Live at Golden Plains 2016
Live in 2022

Tickets on-sale May 18th.