THE SAINTS ’73-’78

“Rock music in the ’70s was changed by three bands—the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and the Saints” – Sir Bob Geldof.

The Saints; one of the most revered, reviled and talked about bands in all Australian music history will reform this November in celebration of a vinyl box set release of their bona-fide 1977 classic debut (I’m) Stranded.

Featuring founding members, guitarist Ed Kuepper and drummer Ivor Hay alongside honorary Saints; singer Mark Arm of the legendary Mudhoney, bassist Peter Oxley of Sunnyboys fame and former The Birthday Party / Bad Seeds guitarist Mick Harvey, The Saints ’73-’78 will recreate the sounds of The Saints hugely influential first three albums (I’m) Stranded (1977), Eternally Yours (1978) and Prehistoric Sounds (1978).

“The Saints first three albums rank among the best records ever made. They have been a part of my life since stumbling upon them in the early 80s. Their influence looms large in Mudhoney world. I am stoked, stunned, and humbled that I get to join in on this Rock ‘n’ Roll Reality Camp with Ed, Ivor, Peter and Mick!”– Mark Arm

Tickets for The Saints ’73-’78 are on-sale 12pm Friday 14th June.

The deluxe box set edition of (I’m) Stranded is a collaboration between long standing Los Angeles label In The Red and Universal Music Australia and is to be released November 15th. Pre-orders available here and here. Here’s what you get…

** Four x LP’s covering all recordings, studio and live, from 1976-1977 including the previously unreleased 1976 mix of the album.

** 28 page 12” x 12” full colour photo essay

** Official band history

** 1976 promo photo

** (I’m) Stranded sticker

“It’s been an exhausting yet thrilling process being involved in the creation of this box set. It’s been 51 years in the making and has possibly turned out even better than I anticipated. It’s by far the most extensive appraisal of the band, both aurally and visually, that has ever been made available and hopefully reveals some things people may not have known about the band.” – Ed Kuepper

What you didn’t know about The Saints.

** (I’m) Stranded was written by Ed Kuepper & Chris Bailey in 1974

** In Sept ’76, Jamie Dunn (better known later as his alter-ego Agro the Puppet) via Juke magazine was the first to review the (I’m) Stranded 7″. He did not like it.

** Between October and November 1976 UK magazine Sounds declared (I’m) Stranded Single of the Week on three separate occasions

** By the time of album recording in October 1976 The Saints had played just five open-to-the-public shows. Anything else had been a private party.

** In June 1977 a nascent Tubeway Army supported The Saints at London’s legendary Roxy venue

** 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Saints guitarist Ed Kuepper as a live performer.

“It’s great to be given the opportunity to run through this set of songs again and especially the chance to work with a group of people of the calibre of Mark, Mick, Pete and especially Ivor, who is one of the most distinctive drummers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’m feeling chuffed that they’re all on board for this. We’ll be concentrating exclusively on material from and around the first three albums, including stuff that hasn’t been performed live in Australia before….or, at least for a pretty long time…  very much looking forward to this. Catch us if you can, pop fans.” – Ed Kuepper

“I’m really looking forward to having the chance to be playing these great songs again and capturing the original excitement and energy of the first three albums.” – Ivor Hay