In exactly two weeks time, eleven years on from their glorious 2012 live return, Sunnyboys will commence The Last Dance; their final EVER tour. No animosity, no musical differences, just the satisfaction of a job well done and knowing that it’s time.

In the period since their return Sunnyboys arguably achieved as much if not more as their original life-span. They co-headlined a sold-out A Day On The Green, sold-out multiple nights at Sydney’s Enmore and Factory Theatres, Brisbane’s The Tivoli, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Melbourne’s The Forum, Corner and Croxton Hotels, Perth Festival plus Thirroul, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast; re-released all three studio albums, released a live DVD and a live album, recorded and released four new tracks and sold countless t-shirts, beanies, caps, hoodies and badges and watched their eponymous debut reach double platinum sales. A remarkable achievement for a band still largely ignored by the mainstream.

But now it’s all coming to a close. No reason to be sad though, lets consider it a celebration of a fantastic career – or even better, a celebration of a fantastic band. Hip hip!


Be it classics from The Saints, Laughing Clowns or indeed Ed’s own lengthy solo career Ed Kuepper with Jim White is a concept born of mutual appreciation that offers a unique take on a discography that already stands alone. Catch their all-to-brief appearances down the east coast this February.


OSEES add Adelaide. The greatest live band in the world has found a way to slot in The City of Churches for the first time since 2012 – it’s a miracle! First Melbourne show sold-out too and the 2nd not far behind.


“There was a vibrancy and ferocity to the band’s performance that was electrifying!” – AU Review

Seven years in the waiting Canadian multi-instrumental four piece finally make it back to Australia.  First Melbourne show is sold-out and Sydney is down to their last few. The Nightquarter on the Sunshine Coast closed it’s doors however so your only Queensland option is the Tivoli – see you there!


OSEES (aka Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, etc) return to Australia this February off the back of 26th (!) album A Foul Form and a reputation as one of the world’s greatest live acts.

“No point in arguing. Best band in the world” – Marc Riley BBC 6 / The Fall