Cat Power has faced bankruptcy and the end of a relationship, but fighting her demons and in a declaration of independence her new album Sun is what she terms a ‘rebirth’. Moving on from her collaborative forays into Memphis soul and Delta blues, Power adopts percussion and electronica sounds to channel her humour, anger and spiritual inquiry into songs that are deeply optimistic, expansive and wonderfully woozy.

“Her most joyful, sonically adventurous album to date, the best record she’s ever made… One of 2012’s biggest surprises and best records: an irresistible collection from an inspired, fearless and curious artist.”NPR

Visually too, changes are apparent. Gone are the trademark locks, replaced instead by a mohauk. Mad Max style. A statement of intent. While the revised stage show takes on arena-like proportions. This is Cat Power circa 2012.

“Marshall’s grandiose lighting and projections — travel photos, radiant sunlight, a giant gorilla, intermingling with a triangular LED-speckled picture frame — Crazy schemes for indie acts wanting to leave a lasting impression, going quite literally for broke laying everything on the line.”The Vancouver Sun

Tickets for all shows on-sale November 16th.