As if the inclusion of international heavyweights Blue Oyster CultFlamin’ GrooviesBuzzcocks, and Peter Case (of The Nerves and The Plimsouls ain’t enough, the Hoodoo Gurus have gone and selected a whole swag of local acts (starting with The Stems) embracing a huge range of eras and styles so long as it rocks (and rolls).  From the green-fuzz of Sydney’s Lime Spiders to the bump and grind of Melbourne’s nefarious The Moodists via the snot and bile of Sydney punks The Straight Arrows and on to Melbourne’s two-girl garage queens Super Wild Horses. It’s dirty and mean and mighty unclean and it’s all tailor-made for Dig it Up! Get the next dose here…

SYDNEY?Lime Spiders“The Sex Pistols on acid” – David Fricke – we ain’t gonna argue! Their first Sydney show in yonks. The Crusaders: Sword wielding maniacs from planet garage-punk – another rare sighting. Super Wild Horses: two-girl scuzz-pop from Melbourne with an ace new single. The Laurels: Sydney’s psychedelic overlords play their final Sydney show before departing for parts and planets unknown. Mother & Son: blues, surf and garage all rolled up into one dense brew. Intoxicating. Bloods: Young Sydney 3-piece puttin’ the pop back into the fuzz.

MELBOURNE?The Moodists: A post-punk super-group of nobodies who became somebodies. Welcome back Dave (Graney), Clare (Moore), Steve (Miller), Chris (Walsh) and Mick (Turner). Ron S.Peno & The Superstitions: rambunctious country-soul from the Died Pretty frontman – an essential element in the mix. Super Wild Horses: This ain’t no sweetness and light… The Straight Arrows: What? These punks again! Bring a raincoat. Bored Nothing: Not (as the name would suggest) nihilistic-punks but rather, forward thinking songsmiths. Special. Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk is the real deal – northern Mississippi style. Let’s get funky!

Plus loads more to follow.

Tickets for everything everywhere are on-sale now.

Dig it. Or die trying.