Free of his activities with Chris Bailey – the one-time Saints frontman turned vaudeville performer – Ed Kuepper returns to the serious business of solo performance this September with a rare one-off appearance at the recently launched Brisbane Festival. The Saintly Ed will headline the Festival appearing at the Spiegeltent on the 15th and presenting material from all facets of his long running solo career. Tickets available from here .

Additionally, the man once dubbed ‘the original cool guy’ (Feel Presents) will be a guest speaker at The Big Sound Music Conference (some shindig where industry types hang out and talk shop for no real purpose) – also in Brisbane – sometime between 8th – 10th September. If you live there you should probably go check it out. Ed will undoubtably dish out some real pearls of wit and wisdom in that bone dry manner of his and is bound to be the most entertaining speaker there.

If, however, you live in Sydney and the travel to Brisbane does not appeal a select group of NSW shows will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!