And now for something completely different… introducing French act Isaac Et Nora (Isaac and Nora) multi-instrumentalist / multi-talented (barely) teenage siblings and their father who have become a viral sensation since the innocent upload of a family video back in 2019. The song, a cover of 1935 Latin folk song Veinte anos (a favourite of their mothers) and sung in Spanish, hit a nerve generating several million views and resulting in a full album of similar material and in 2022 their first ever (sold-out) tour of first Spain then South America. The later having been documented on film with release via streaming services coming in early 2024.
“Nora carried the audience from before the minute that she walked on stage, in her very pretty velvet knee-length dress and her hair in a ponytail looking very much a 10-year-old. She had the audience eating out of her hand before she opened her voice.”