For the past few years, one man band Lewis Floyd Henry has pitched up on street corners around London gradually spreading the word of the blues and the knowledge of his genius to passers by and the oddly curious. He arrives armed with a pram carrying a battery-operated amplifier and a custom-made drum kit beating out covers of Jimi Hendrix, T-Rex and The Stooges and has accrued 100,000 YouTube hits for a performance of the The Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Protect Ya Neck’ performed outside Tottenham Court Road tube station. In addition to his cover versions, Henry has crafted more than thirty of his own tunes which are to be released on his debut album ‘One Man & His 30W Pram” later this month. Lewis Floyd Henry lands in Australia next week as special guest of the Perth International Arts Festival and for a series of east coast dates.

‘Others were convinced that the unbilled Lewis Floyd Henry was the ultimate highlight, a busking one-man band who played Stooges’ songs by the lake and a 20-minute version of Free’s “All Right Now” with a fuzzbox, tiny practice amp, toddler-sized drum kit and guitar solos played with his teeth’ – The Independent 12.8.09

Don’t miss Lewis Floyd Henry’s Australian debut this March. Tickets for all shows available at the door unless otherwise noted.

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