If there is but one of our tours we recommend you go see this year it would be US band Low.

Originally conceived in the early 1990’s as a backlash (of sorts) to the burgeoning grunge movement, Low made a statement playing intense, quiet music that at first baffled the audience of the grunge bands they would (ironically) support but which slowly built for them, an audience dedicated to their truly unique sound. More recently Robert Plant – the former frontman for ace seventies rock act Led Zeppelin – has come out in total support of Low to the point of covering two of their songs on his latest album Band of Joy. The tracks ‘Monkey’ and ‘Silver Rider’ are taken from the album The Great Destroyer and as good as any a place to start on the wild discovery that is Low. Check them out and take a chance on Low, live. Truly, you will not be disappointed. Tickets are available here.


Silver Rider (live)