Rehearsals for The Aints have begun! Ed Kuepper, Sunnyboys Peter Oxley and Alister Spence and Paul Larsen (The Celibate Rifles / The New Christs) will be joined by a 3-piece brass section for all shows while Herr Kuepper his self will be working with the (Tym) Club 76 guitar pedal custom designed by the amazing Tyms Guitars, Brisbane. Says Ed “The Tym Club 76 pedal is a beautiful sounding reverse engineered version of my fairly unique first run MXR Distortion plus pedal from 1974. It sounds the same … the real deal.”

The Aints Play The Saints (’73-’78) will recreate the sound of the early Saints with material gathered from the and years that produced the albums (I’m) Stranded, Eternally Yours & Prehistoric Sounds. Sydney has sold out, the Caravan Club in Melbourne is just inches from the same and all others will fall – get excited people!