Celebrating 45 years as a recording artist young Ed Kuepper has decided to release not 1 not 2 but 3 new retrospective releases spanning four decades and the greater bulk of Ed’s entire post-Saints musical output. 

1. Ed Kuepper – Singles ’86 ‘ ’96 (Ed’s first ever singles collection)
2. Laughing Clowns – Golden Days // When Giants Walked the Earth (best of)
3. The Aints! Live at The Bowlo (performing the album The Church of Simultaneous Existence in it’s entirety)

All three collections will be released May 28 on limited edition coloured vinyl, via the digitals and with Kuepper’s singles selection to also be released as a 2CD set featuring a bonus disc comprised of b-sides, ep tracks and fan faves – just the sort of stuff we Kuepper-philes crave of our idol.