Feel is proud to present Ode to Nothing – The Best of The Lighthouse Keepers, a sixteen track, sixteen page career overview & memoir compiled by the band and Feel inhouse archivist Tim Pittman.

Contemporaries of The Triffids, Wet Taxis, The Particles and the Laughing Clowns, The Lighthouse Keepers released their first single, the classic Gargoyle, in March 1983 and followed that with a further two singles (including Ocean Liner), a mini-album and a full length album before finally pulling up stumps with a sold out farewell show at Sydney’s Graphic Arts Club in March 1986. Noted Australian music scribe noted of the Lighthouse Keepers…

“In Australia where a sense of light and space is much more relevant than any amount of gothic/industrial Hunters & Collectors or Nick Caves, bands like The Lighthouse Keepers along with, say, their Hot records labelmates The Triffids, put a uniquely off-centre spin on post-punk. They may even have invented Australian lo-fi! Certainly, they remain one of the best bands ever to have come out of Canberra, and that’s no faint praise when stacked up against the likes of Tactics and The Church.”

To help promote the new release original members Greg Appel, Juliet Ward, Stephen ‘Blue’ Dalton and Stephen O’Neil have agreed to reform with an album launch planned for Sydney at the Sandringham Hotel on September 9th. Tickets on sale now.