Feel is proud to present the first ever CD (and digital) career overview of Sydney-via-Brisbane act Ups & Downs: Out of the Darkness – Sleepless, Singles & Other Stories

Often compared to The Church, R.E.M and the Los Angeles Paisley Underground scene of the early eighties (The Dream Syndicate, The Long Ryders, The Rain Parade et al), Ups & Downs would undeniably produce some of the finest pop-rock songs of Australia’s original alternative era (1976 – 1989). Many will recall the chiming guitars and pitch perfect harmonies of indie-chart topping singles The Perfect Crime, In the ShadowsThe Living Kind (heard most recently on hit TV show Bondi Rescue) as well as their take on the Neil Diamond classic Solitary Man (taken from the brilliant Sleepless mini-album). While others may be familiar the later end of Ups & Downs career and the Mushroom label singles Lit By the FuseMoments Away taken from their sole album release, Under the Watchful Eye.

All of these tracks alongside all other A-sides, select b-sides, the entire Sleepless mini-album, band favourites and even unreleased tracks have been collated on Out of the Darkness, a 20 track single CD collection that also includes a full colour 16 page booklet.

To celebrate the release Ups & Downs are holding an album launch at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel on Saturday 10th September with guests Knievel and The Worker Bees – the new out fit for Greg & Darren of, Ups & Downs. Tickets are on-sale now.